music from The History of Martial Dance




music from The History of Martial Dance
Randy Graves, Jon Agree, Greg Callahan and Mike LeBien

This is the live soundtrack from a martial arts exhibition, featuring Japanese koto, Australian didgeridoo, African drums, flute and synthesizer. Very melodic and meditative. It's one of our favorites and a best seller. Scroll down for more info.

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In Depth

In January 1998, The Temple of the Full Autumn Moon presented "The History of Martial Dance," a theatrical exhibition of several styles of martial arts. Shannon Kawika Phelps, the sensei of the dojo, decided to have live musicians onstage accompanying the show. He was familiar with Didginus, and asked some of the members to put something together for the show. Randy Graves and Greg Callahan of Didginus joined with flutist Jon Agree and percussionist Mike LeBien to provide the music for the show, and this live recording is the result.

It features Randy on koto, didgeridoo and synthesizer, Jon on silver flute, and Mike and Greg sharing duties on djembe, djuns, and other assorted percussion. There are several relaxing and meditative pieces featuring koto and flute, plus some more intense music with didgeridoo and drumming.

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Track List:

  1. Preshow
  2. The Ninja
  3. Tribal Dance/The Shaman
  4. The Shaolin Courtyard
  5. Tai Ji
  6. Combined Tai Chi
  7. Seven Stars Sword
  8. Dragon Palm Ba Gua
  9. Dance of the Dai Tengu
  10. Dance of the Gods


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