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GRRD004 (CD)


Randy's 2001 CD explores the use of solo didgeridoo with digital effects to create some spacious sounds like you've never heard before. This is not an over-processed computer-generated product, but live didgeridoo solos with rack effects. No looping, synthesizers, samplers, or computer editing were used until mastering, in order to maintain the human feel. Most tracks have an ambient feel, while still having that aggressive edge that the didgeridoo yearns for. Some tracks break out with the fast yet controlled percussiveness that practiced didgeridoo players can muster so well.
For Randy's comprehensive comments on the project, read this interview by Ed Drury.

Press & Listener Comments are HERE.

MP3's from Didgital:
CLICK HERE "Wakal" (alternate mix)
CLICK HERE sampler of highlights

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GRRD005 (CD)


Randy Graves

This compilation CD of multi-instrumental music by Randy Graves includes new versions of pieces from "Beginnings," two of his pieces from "Didgeridoo USA," a solo from Didginus' first album, and new material. It's a feast of didjes, guitars, voices, percussion and more!

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GRRD011 (CD)


Randy Graves
Just a Few Songs Before I Go

Randy was working on new music for a 2-CD set called The Heron and the Lightning Snake, but left in early 2004 for an undetermined time in Australia, away from his instruments and recording gear, and didn't want to rush the project. So we've presented a limited edition of 100 numbered copies of the best of what was done so far - 10 tracks and 65 minutes. This CD is full of richly layered music, with didjeridus, guitars, koto, electronics, voice, and more. Special guests appear on tablas, percussion, and synthesizers. Some tracks are ethereal, some rock out, but all have an underlying groove, whether it's the hip hop beat of "Machado Rangingura," the quick changing meters of "Kanda Joshi" and "Countdown," or the rolling heartbeat of "Stillness." If you enjoyed Whirlwind, this CD represents the further development and maturation of those styles of music.
You WILL enjoy this sneak peak of great new music!

30 second MP3's from the CD:
CLICK HERE Prayer for Peace
CLICK HERE Martin's Cabin
CLICK HERE Machado Rangingura
CLICK HERE Kanda Joshi
CLICK HERE Countdown
CLICK HERE The Deacon's Will to Live Groove

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