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artist: Ngongu Ganambarr
F# drone / G trumpet
53" long, 4" bell, 1 1/16" mouthpiece

A ripper by Ngongu painted with his Datiwuy clan designs. It has an interesting and unusual almost rectangular-shaped bell end. The tone is very midrangey and agressive. This is a raunchy yiḏaki to rip on, not a didjeridu to sit around and play meditative tones.



artist: Unknown
Ab drone / Eb trumpet
67 " long, 9" bell, 1.25" mouthpiece
If you want a deep and woody tone, you can't do better than this instrument that I dubbed "The Giant Didj with a Boot." I purchased this beast in 1999 from a reputable gallery in Darwin. They sadly could not identify the maker, but it was a playable super deep didj that I couldn't resist. It's fun to have around, but I barely ever play it, so it's time to move it on. Not that I have any idea how I'm going to ship it!


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