Brandi & Randy in Humpty Doo & Darwin

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Our host in Humpty Doo, the man with the Donga, Peter Brady, looking right at home in the city.

Brady's tub & shower. Water comes straight from a tank, and is COLD. Been a long time since I'd had a shower like that! Quite exhilarating.

Here's Grunter, Ben Brady's lovable yet orally fixated dog, pictured with the yellow ball she loves. It almost never leaves her mouth. And if it does, and you remind her about it, she freaks out!

So Grunter lost track of the ball for a day or so, and couldn't handle it. She fortunately found a substitute for a while. Yes, that's a trimming from a didgeridoo. See, those of you who know Peter Brady on the net... he doesn't make all this weird stuff up. It's all real!

More residents of Camp Brady, Didgi and her 6 pups.

Okay, we did get a few odd looks for taking this picture. But we were amazed at the size of the meat section in a Northern Territory grocery store. This is only half of it. We just don't eat meat like that in the states anymore.

Now that's a big lizard! Probably a monitor lizard, methinks. Hiding in the tree is Peter's son Ben.

Wangi Falls, southwest of Humpty Doo. The little blip in the water is Randy.

Phil Hall, proprietor of the Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery, probably the finest gallery in Darwin, and also

A tree. Really! Okay, kind of a special tree, a Woollybutt, that is common for didgeridoos in the Darwin area. The bark only goes part way up the tree, and is a defense against fire. It kind of smoulders but doesn't burn through, so that when bushfire sweeps through, it only gets the woolly bark at the bottom of the tree, and doesn't burn through and kill the tree. Pretty smart!

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