Brandi & Randy in Katherine

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We were very glad to see a lot of Aboriginal people doing business for themselves, both in Alice and the Katherine area. We didn't find that kind of activity in Sydney and Yulara. But we sure found it quickly in Katherine.

Mimi, where we bought the most didgeridoos of anywhere on the trip! Prices were great, quality was great, and it is part of the Ngurrdalingi Aboriginal Corporation, so the money goes directly to the people.

Inside the Mimi Gallery. All local crafts, all the time.
This was one of two such didgeridoo racks. I'd say there were about 70 on display there, inlcuding a lot of the best we'd seen so far on the continent. They work with local artists, including the whole White Cockatoo mob that just came through California.

The didges we brought home from Mimi. If it was our last stop, we would've bought a lot more, but we had a long way to go.

Nighttime on the Katherine River. On the advice of the Katherine fire chief, whom we just happened to meet at the airport, we took the boat tour known as the "Croc Spot." Because....

you go out and spot crocs! Well, usually one croc, because they're territorial. This is a Johnston's Freshwater Crocodile. No, it's not particularly dangerous. They only eat what they can fit in their mouths. They don't bite limbs off. It's the salties that are trouble. We'll get to them later. One note: this trip was kind of silly. If any fire chief ever recommends tourist activities to you, DON'T LISTEN!

The next day we went to Nitmiluk, or Katherine Gorge, for a boatride/hike, all day long. 'Twas very pleasant.

The famous tourist shot of the gorge, of the best long straight part.

Some of the local art along the side of the gorge.

More graffitti.

A last look behind the boat.

Our last day in the area was at a great place called Manyallaluk, which is another Aboriginally owned enterprise. They give tours of their land, teaching you about bushfood and medicine, spear throwing, fire starting, didge playing, painting, weaving, etc. And if you have extra time and money, which we didn't, you can spend the night and go out seeing rock art the next day. Manyallaluk comes highly recommended from us, though you may never hear about it from a fire chief! Pictured with us are our guides, Manuel and Richard, along with their dog, Ringo.

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